How It Works

A Quick Summary Of The Solution.

LED lights surround the CropTower to provide 360 degree coverage.

Each CropTower™ is 10 ft. high and can contain up to 104 plants in a floor space footprint of just 81 square feet. The canopy produced by 1 CropTower is equal to the canopy produced by six 4’ x 8’ tables.  The advantages and savings of the CropTower system cover all phases of your grow, and include: 

  • 90% Water Savings 
  • 50% Less Labor Cost
  • 50% Less Fertilizer Cost 
  • 25% Less A/C Cost
  • 100% Less Grow Material 
  • Very Fast Returns
  •  No Need For More Space

Our computer-regulated system optimizes proprietary nutrients, water, temperature and gas levels to maximize production. Our energy saving, custom, full spectrum light system produces the precise spectrums of light that each plant needs to expedite growth. Depending on the strain, harvest levels can reach 32 lbs. per tower/harvest with a minimum of 6 harvests annually – three times what you grow now!

Our computer-regulated system optimizes proprietary nutrients, water and temperature to maximize production. The self-contained patent-pending aeroponic system is serviced by reservoirs with conditioned water and a special nutrient blend.The nutrient rich water gently “rains” down on the roots, recycled and recirculated. All functions are remotely monitored and programmed from the grow facility or the web-enabled, cloud-based dashboard.

There is so much more to this story, so contact us for more details!