Recurring Revenue, Excellent ROI, International Opportunities

High Returns (No Pun Intended)
Our revenue modeling based on slow, moderate and high growth will show you a high margin opportunity in this business that has some strategic points of difference to growers and others who "touch" the plants.

The Company is an equipment leasing and consulting company and have a recurring revenue model, based on a fixed price rate per pound (buds) or per gram (oils). Because we are NOT growers per se, we avoid the costs and time of government regulation, licensing and oversight and can deduct our business expenses and manage our taxable revenue.


Vertical Integration Maximizes Space And Reduces Costs
As wholesale and retail commoditization begins and margins fall, growers will have to become more efficient in their operations. CropTowers provide that solution.

Hyperponic’s CropTower System, is a network of 8 to 200 10’ tall, vertically-integrated, fully automated grow towers that maximizes warehouse space and reduces production costs for cannabis growers. With CropTowers, growers can expand their yield up to 3X over their current production in the same space, drastically reducing expansion and production costs.

Technology-Driven To Increase Efficiency And Improve Yield Quality
Growing cannabis with our proven CropTower aeroponic system provides commercial growers a consistently controlled environment to produce high yield crops while maximizing valuable floor space in any indoor growing environment.

Our computer-regulated system optimizes proprietary nutrients, water and temperature to maximize production and provides real-time data in a cloud-based system for monitoring each grow remotely from anywhere. Plants receive the precise nutrition at precisely the right time.

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Contact our CEO, Doug Fyvolent, for detailed information about the opportunities that exist for qualified investors.