About Hyperponic

We Are The Next Generation Of Indoor Agriculture!

The Company was founded in 2014 as Solaridy, LLC, and has spend the better part of that time, building, growing, beta testing, rebuilding and improving our CropTower™ vertical grow system. The company is led by Doug Fyvolent, a business owner and entrepreneur who saw a better way to grow all types of plants, from leafy greens and strawberries to cannabis.

Calling Hyperponic™ an agricultural equipment company doesn’t nearly describe the 21st-century grow environments in which our client's crops are grown.

Our fully-integrated and patent-pending 10' tall CropTowers™, and computer-controlled environmental and nutrition

management systems facilitate higher volume, faster production, reduced warehouse space and better yields at lower cost. That translates into higher revenue for our customers.

We exceed the production value of every growing method on the market today and we will always be improving our technology and equipment to stay ahead of our competitors and continue that leadership. That includes our focus on growing organically and with the smallest environmental footprint when it comes to nutrition, pest control, power, water and use of space.