Advanced Technology And Flexibility
To Serve Companies And Countries

Since 2014, the Company has spent considerable time and millions of dollars, building, growing, beta testing, rebuilding and improving our CropTower™ vertical grow system. The system is built for a wide variety of crops and locations, from indoor to outdoor and even unique environments never before considered as a grow location (ask us!). The CropTower system is a better way to grow all types of plants, from leafy greens and strawberries to cannabis.

Calling Hyperponic™ an agricultural equipment company doesn’t nearly describe the 21st-century grow environments in which crops are grown. The future holds an opportunity to expand this system far beyond its current role, to be instrumental in supporting countries with poor soils, from Africa and the Middle East to the Caribbean and even the USA.

Our fully-integrated and patent-pending 10' tall CropTowers©, and computer-controlled environmental and nutrition management system facilitates higher volume, faster production, reduces warehouse space and delivers better yields at lower cost. That translates into higher revenue for our customers.

We exceed the production value of every growing method on the market today and we will always be improving our technology and equipment to stay ahead of our competitors and continue that leadership. That includes our focus on growing organically and with the smallest environmental footprint when it comes to nutrition, pest control, power, water and use of space.

Built For Change
To Be Future Proof .

The future is coming. As these crops become more popular, and government control diminishes, the role of regulators will become increasingly visible. Our grow environments are designed exceed the requirements we believe will be standard in future crop production centers. Those include the requirement to be “clean room” quality and growing with no heavy metals, toxins or pesticides.

We are ready for what the future holds. Are you?

Advanced Computer Technology
Drives Automation

The Hyperponic technology center is the heart of the system, monitoring, managing and controlling a wide range of environmental, water, nutrition, power, lighting and other critical components, key to a successful grow. More automation means more accurate grow environment, lower labor costs and more efficiency in growing on a daily basis.

Near Zero Water Footprint
and Eco Friendly Production

The Hyperponic system recirculates, reclaims and reuses all of the water in our system. No more draining water into the city or county water system or local aquifer. Plus, by capturing and filtering the HVAC water condensation, we reach a near zero water footprint, and in some states a true zero footprint.

If you're a grower in a legal production state, or country, reach out to us and find out how we can retrofit your current structure or consult with you on building the next generation of crop production facilities.

We've reduced the risk of adding the Hyperponic CropTower system to your facility. We supply the multi-million dollar system to you at no cost. Some upgrade costs, and a security deposit is required. Monthly pricing is set on a state by state basis. Learn more about how this system can benefit you and your team in big ways by contacting us.