High Efficiency, Vertical Aeroponic Tower Cultivation System

Grow all types of Crops!

The CropTower© is a technologically advanced aeroponic growing system that produces up to 3x the product in the same current square feet. We use state of the art growing and nutritional technologies in a specially designed environment to ensure lighting, nutrition, room temperature, air gas mixtures and water quality are carefully managed and controlled to provide plants with optimum growing conditions.

The CropTower© is manufactured with the highest quality materials and engineered to perform flawlessly with the least amount of effort and maintenance costs.

Originally developed for large scale outdoor urban agriculture, our engineers along with industry experts and IT professionals, redesigned the CropTower© system to meet the stringent requirements necessary to meet the demand for indoor cultivation. Combining green technologies and computerized control, we developed a system with multiple redundancies to ensure a system that not only outperforms current grow protocols, but is totally monitored both in-house and in the cloud 24/7. Redundant systems are included (with alerts and automatic kick in provisions) throughout the system to ensure no down time during the cultivation process.

Custom Designed for Every Size Cultivation Center

Depending on the available floor space and your desired growing capability, Hyperponic™ engineers and technicians will design and install the optimum number of CropTower© units required to maximize any small, medium or large commercial operation. CropTower© is the perfect solution to take all the headaches out of the cultivation process, while drastically increasing your yield and grow efficiency.

Hyperponic™ will not only help plan your best possible grow outcome, but we will be on site at all times to manage and teach your staff the proper operating techniques and how to maintain the system. Plus we will continually remotely monitor every system to ensure no crop-damaging down time.

Saves Water, Time Money and Costs

The root system of plants only absorbs a small amount of water and nutrients, only what it needs. In many grows, the water is lost down the drain and not reused.

CropTower© automatically delivers temperature controlled, oxygenated, nutrient rich water into the top of the CropTower© which gently “rains” down on the plant root system where the roots directly absorb all the necessary water and nutrients required for accelerated growth. The water is returned to the nutrient tank and recirculated. Less than 10% of the total volume of water is absorbed by the plants in the CropTower .

The water flow to each CropTower is carefully calculated in order to provide proper levels of water and nutrients. Specially engineered oxygenating systems ensure a highly oxygenated water supply prior to introduction. Critical automated watering times are carefully calculated based on the individual characteristics of each plant.