Hands On Leadership With A Big Vision

While we have a vision of the future of our industry and our company, and work to fulfill that goal every day, like our plants, we never lose sight of the day to day care and feeding needed to make it a success.

The Hyperponic management visioneers team consists of a hands-on group of entrepreneurs, technology and industry specific experts, supported by smart and savvy advisors.

We have in place the group needed to facilitate your growth as a grower, protect your investment as a unit holder and provide you a place to grow as a team member.

No matter how you choose to partner with us, as a vendor, grower, investor or team member, you'll find us to be a group of smart, hard-working, honest, dedicated and committed individuals with a common goal. To build a successful business for ourselves and our partners, so that we all may benefit from the shared effort put forth to create the future of indoor agriculture.

We are each part of a team of qualified individuals who have come together to combine our unique set of skills to solve problems, create opportunities and grow our business, and by doing so, we will make the world a better place..


Smart, Dedicated and Committed